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The Only Home Sharing Endorsed by Korean Government

Welcome Home !

Wehome is the only home sharing officially certified by the Korean Government.

Wehome operates within the bounds of the law and offers a secure experience. The Korean Government officially endorsed Wehome twice  as the only legal home sharing platform both in 2019 and 2022 under the the Korean Government’s Regulatory Sandbox Policy. 

Wehome offers safety, legality, and a local experience.  Wehome has unique position to create customer values including the validation process for properties and hosts, the benefits of staying with a local host, safety measures in place, legal compliance, user reviews, property options,  and customer support.

Why Wehome is better than Airbnb?

Wehome offers several advantages over Airbnb, including safety, a local experience, and trustworthiness. By choosing Wehome, travelers can enjoy a more authentic and immersive experience while also feeling confident in the safety and quality of their accommodations.

Your Safety First

Wehome is legal and all properties and hosts are validated. The Korean Government’s endorsement of Wehome serves as a guarantee of credibility and safety. Guests can book their accommodation with peace of mind, knowing that they are staying in a property that is legally registered and managed by a host that has been verified. This reassurance is unmatched, especially when booking accommodations in a foreign country.


Local Experience

 As a unique local platform, Wehome offers a nuanced understanding of Korean culture and customs, which translates into a more authentic and enriching experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the local lifestyle. The platform’s localized approach also means that guests can expect stellar customer service tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


Wehome has prioritized complete transparency, legal adherence, and user safety since 2020. Wehome’s trustworthiness has been proved by the Korean Government’s re-endorsement as the only legal home sharing in 2022.  Unlike Wehome, Airbnb doesn’t comply with Korean law without checking  whether properties are legally registered or hosts are verified. Airbnb’s illegal business practices have been revealed in the National Assembly of South Korea (check at bit.ly/airbnblaw).

Guest Values





Trustworthy Hosts with All Legal Properties

Wehome takes safety and quality seriously, which is why all properties are validated to ensure they meet high standards. The validation process includes a comprehensive legal inspection checklist and ongoing monitoring to ensure properties maintain their safety and quality over time.

Wehome understands the importance of trustworthy and reliable hosts, which is why all hosts are validated through a rigorous process that includes background checks and ratings and reviews. This ensures that guests can feel confident in their choice of host and have a positive experience. 

User reviews are an important factor in building trust and confidence in Wehome. Wehome verifies all user reviews to ensure authenticity and responds to reviews to address any concerns or issues. Harnessing the chatGPT AI, Wehome offers an intuitive review summary inside and outside with hash tags and emoticons. Wehome is collaborating with the latest AI to bring the innovative home sharing.

Wehome operates with a special license from the Korean government, ensuring legal compliance with all relevant regulations and laws. Wehome is transparent about its legal compliance and licensing, providing peace of mind for guests.

Welcome Home Korea! We are Local

Best in Korea

One of the key benefits of Wehome is the opportunity to stay with a local host and experience the culture and community in a more authentic way. Local hosts can provide insider tips on the best places to eat, shop, and explore, and guests can enjoy a more immersive cultural experience.

Wehome takes safety seriously and provides several measures to ensure peace of mind for guests. Wehome provides excellent local customer support, with 24/7 assistance, multilingual support, and a help center for common questions and issues. This ensures that guests have a positive experience and can easily resolve any concerns or issues.


Wehome offers a variety of property options to suit different needs and budgets, including apartments, houses, and unique accommodations. This allows guests to choose the perfect accommodation for their stay in Korea. 

For long term stay, Wehome offers discount plan in collaboration with hosts. For more professional stay, Wehome provides with ‘Seoul Workation’ to enjoy the lifestyle of Seoul while doing business well.

With the special license from the Korean Government, Wehome can issue a special permit promptly to the validated hosts for legal home sharing. Wehome is able to get unique choices of accommodations.  There will be more properties legal and safe which will be available only at Wehome.

wehome's best price policy

Money: Best Pricing

Experience substantial savings with Wehome’s unequivocal and economical service fee policy. Our maximum guest service fee, inclusive of tax, is a mere 12% of the accommodation fee. In contrast to Airbnb’s frequently fluctuating and high service fees, Wehome’s policy is consistent and transparent. For longer stay, Wehome give additional discount in collaboration with the hosts. 

In addition, Wehome presents a more flexible service fee refund policy, allowing for cancellations in accordance with the host’s guidelines. Airbnb, on the other hand, does not refund service fees. This flexibility provided by Wehome ensures your peace of mind, permitting convenient accommodation rearrangements.

Choose Wehome and delight in our [ Best Pricing Policy ], promising low accommodation and service fees.

Seoul Workation: Monthly Rentals and Longstay

Trust, Money Saving, Local Support

As a locally established platform, Wehome has a distinct edge over Airbnb in terms of understanding and catering to the local market. Wehome’s biggest advantage lies in its deep connection with local communities, hosts, and government. 

This not only ensures compliance with local regulations but also provides guests with an authentic and immersive experience that is more in tune with the local culture and lifestyle. 

Additionally, the platform’s focus on offering cost-effective stays, flexible policies, and responsive local customer service further enhance its value proposition for guests, making it a compelling choice for accommodation in Korea.


Welcome Home Korea

Safety, Local Experience, Trustworthiness

Wehome, the Only Home Sharing Endorsed by Korean Government

In conclusion, Wehome is the perfect choice for travelers looking for a safe, local, and trustworthy home sharing platform in Korea. With its validation process for properties and hosts, local experience, safety measures, legal compliance, user reviews, property options, booking process, and customer support, Wehome is your second home in Korea.

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