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Wehome is better than Airbnb in Korea

Wehome is legal. Safety is the most important thing in travel. Wehome is secure and safe. All accommodations and hosts on Wehome are legally certified. Wehome is local with prompt site support with better local experiences. The service fees are far lower than Airbnb, and the cancellation and refund policy is more flexible. Wehome offers great value for money. You can find a unique home to your taste. 

1. Certified Homes

Wehome is legal and all properties and hosts are certificated and  validated. The Korean Government’s endorsement of Wehome serves as a guarantee of credibility and safety.  Guests are legally secured at certified homes. There’s no worry about reservation cancellations due to sudden host crackdowns.

2. Local Experiences

 As a unique local platform, Wehome offers a nuanced understanding of Korean culture and customs, which translates into a more authentic and enriching experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the local lifestyle. The platform’s localized approach also means that guests can expect stellar customer service tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

3. Lower Fees

Wehome offers great value for money. The service fee is more than 30% cheaper than Airbnb, saving you money with a more flexible fee policy.

Trustworthy Homes and Hosts

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Wehome, Only Legal Home Sharing Platform in Korea