WeHome Team


 SanKu Jo Ph.D.  Cofounder & CEO


SanKu is leader of the Home Sharing in Korea since 2012 when he  founded KOZAZA.  He and SeokJin opened the door of  innovation in the Home Sharing through the ICT sandbox deregulation policy of the Korean Government.  With the special license designated by the Korean Government, WeHome is the only platform providing the service legally both for domestic and foreign guests.  Cofounding WeHome with Seokjin, he tried to solve the platform monopoly of the Sharing Economy harnessing the blcockchain technologies and the token economy. He cofounded  the SEAK(Sharing Economy Association of Korea)  and serves as the president. He got Ph.D. from the Texas A&M University majoring in the Computer Engineering.


 SeokJin Kim Cofounder &  CTO

SeokJin is full stack developer with the top level engineering skill and insight on the Home Sharing Platform . He has lead all of engineering projects in WeHome and KOZAZA since 2012. He lead many mobile projects well know to Korean people including Tweet on Air in collaboration with KT as CTO of Aiku.  He studied Information Technology and Internetworking in University of Technology Sydney

SunMi Seo CMO


SunMi  founded a Social travel startup, PlayPlanet, leading many fair travel projects. She is one of founding member of  Travelers’ MAP(Travelers Make An Amazing Planet)..



wehome new team ByungKyu Shin Business Development


Byung Kyu served at the Blue House Office as an officer. He lead the online public relationship of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. He performed many marketing campaigns at KT as a marketing team leader.

wehome_web_team.001YeHyun Kim Marketing


Ye Hyun is a webtoon story teller collaborating with webtoonists. She has experienced creating new media contents for broadcasting companies and startups.  She graduated from the Catholic University.