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Startup 5Q5A WeHome

Here is an Interview of SanKu, CEO of WeHome, with Job&TV. With more than 8 year experience of the Home Sharing, WeHome is trying to reshape the industry with the legal platform designated by the Korean government.  Harnessing the innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI, it will lead the Home Sharing of  TechTravel in Korea .


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Seoul Economy Newspaper


“The Sharing Economy of Korea will be dominated by global big players…There should be a breakthrough driven by the government”

As CEO of WeHome and the president of SEAK(Sharing Economy Association of Korea), SanKu Jo got an interview with Seoul Economy Newspaper.   The Sharing Economy is a barometer of a country’s economy.  It is the Economy of future that should be accelerated by the government with a big picture for long term goals. The Sharing Economy in Korea has faced lots of obstacles including the regulation and conflicts among the interest parties.

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Yonhap News


New Year for Shining the Sharing Economy

HongDae district is one of hot spots popular among young people. With the deregulation sandbox policy, WeHome could provide the Home Sharing for domestic guests legally. The Home Sharing has been legal only for foreign guests.

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HanKook Daily News


Legal Home Sharing Coming Soon

The Home Sharing is a global trend dominated by Airbnb. It has been also hot issue in Korea.  The Korean Government announced that WeHome has a special license to provide the Home Sharing legally to both of domestic and foreign guests. This trial is permited only for 4,000 hosts living within 1 Km of subways in Seoul. Though, this is a big step for legalizing the Home Sharing in Korea.

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Arirang TV


Skepticism growing over S. Korea’s sharing economy

This secure, mutually-beneficial platform connects its hosts and guests,… where rooms are rented out at a reasonable price based on blockchain technology. But things are not easy for home-sharing services in Korea. The CEO of the company bemoaned the many obstacles in the way of further expansion, including outdated regulation. “A tourism law passed in 2011 only allows foreigners to access homestay services, which are not available for local tourists. Instead of creating a way for local startups to tap into the domestic market, the government blocked it altogether.”

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