Templestay, A New Culture Experience

Templestay, A New Culture Experience

Templestay, A New Culture Experience

Templestay is a unique cultural program that lets you experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples that preserve the 1700-year-old history of Korean Buddhism.
It’s a time to search for your True Self and become one with your Original Nature. We hope that a Templestay allows you to clear your mind so that you can have a wider experience of the world, and that this serves as a turning point when you return to your everyday life.




Basic Program

Leave your gadgets in the mundane world. Mediate yourself to find your peace, happiness, pain, and nirvana at temple stay.

Recuperation Program

There is no schedule that will tie you up. This is a self-regulating place for anyone who wish to have time alone.Feel relaxed and practice meditation to discover yourself.

Aceticism Program

Heal your internal wound with meditation programsFind the real-self of my through slow walk along with nature.

Culture Experiential Program

Experience various programs at temple stay; making pottery, boiling soybeans for Meju (boiled soybean lump) and so on. This will help to learn wisdom of life and Korean traditions.


Dongwhasa Templestay Barugongyang

Sudeoksa Templestay

Temple food at Youngpyungsa Templstay

Winter scenery of Baekdamsa

Golgulsa Sunmudo Temaplestay

Scenery of Gapsa Temple


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