[Promotion] Up to 30% of discount with ‘Summer in Bukchon’ promotion

[Promotion] Up to 30% of discount with ‘Summer in Bukchon’ promotion

KOZAZA’s new summer promotion is going to open very soon!

KOZAZA always tries to provide you the best price for accommodations in Korea.

Check the detailed information of the promotion below and make your stay in Korea even more memorable!






As our summer present for you, you can get 30% of discount during the weekday and 15% of discount coupon during the weekend.

  • Promotion Date:  1st July ~ 31st August, 2016
  • Available to stay: 1st July ~ 31st August, 2016


Enter the coupon code when you proceed the payment

  • Weekday 30% discount coupon: 1BC2016 (include service fee-free)
  • Weekend 15% discount coupon: 2BC2016 (include service fee-free)



4. Accommodation list

Name Introduction Original price+service fee After applying coupon
Gaonjae Cosy and calm place in the centre of Bukchon 110,000 80,000
Gain Take a good rest in 80 years old traditional Hanok 88,000 64,000
Domus Suae Stay at the beautiful Hanok with family 264,000 192000
Modu Enjoy the party in the garden. Recommendable for a group. 110,000 80000
Dowonjeong Enjoy healthy breakfast and hot steam 99,000 72,000
Yeondang Korean style breakfast made with homemade sauces will make your day healthier. 88,000 64,000
Hue Hanokstay with good location. Recommendable for group and family. 88,000 64,000
Eoot Perfect place for a big group, start your day with delicious breakfast. 110,000 80,000
Damh So Jung Luxury Hanok with steamed rice wrapped in a lotus leaf as a breakfast 220,000 160,000


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