[KOZAZA PICKS] Meet KOZAZA’s new beautiful pension in Ganghwado!

[KOZAZA PICKS] Meet KOZAZA’s new beautiful pension in Ganghwado!

Meet a new accommodation in Ganghwado!

It’s newly opened so you will find it amazingly clean and cosy.

Most of all, it’s the best place for family holiday 🙂




KOZAZA’s new Ganghwado Pension is located in the Seondoo-ri, where has great nature and many nice local people.

This house is big enough to stay up to 6 people so if you are looking for the place for your family holiday outside of Seoul, this will be the perfect choice for you.




The house has 2 big rooms with clean and large bed.



A lovely toilet and shower in the house.

There are 2 toilets and showers so you don’t need to wait longer for the others come out of the shower!



Fully equipped kitchen in Ganghwado pension of KOZAZA.

You can cook with family or friends and make special time.



One of the best part of the house is you can have a barbeque party in the garden!

Also, you can explore so many things in Ganghwado near house such as the tidalflat, sea fishing, Ganghwa walking path, fish market and so on.

Especially, you can have fresh tasty fishes from the Seondoo-ri fish market as well.

If you haven’t decided where to go for a short holiday or weekend trip, what about spending your days in Ganghwado with KOZAZA? 🙂


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