[KOZAZA PICKS] Easytrip Guesthouse @Hongdae, Seoul

[KOZAZA PICKS] Easytrip Guesthouse @Hongdae, Seoul

Only 3 minutes away from Hongdae station (line 2), there’s a place with a cosy rooftop garden where you can take a good rest.

KOZAZA introduce you our new guesthouse in Hongdae area, Easytrip Guesthouse.


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You will be staying in the heart of Hongdae, the area of youth but in the guesthouse, you will have the most comfortable feeling.

The atmosphere of the guesthouse is lovely and also has a good location with a good transport system.


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Easytrip guesthouse made all beds by themselves and prepared a good quality of latex mattress with super single size.

Take a good night sleep in Easytrip guesthouse with KOZAZA.


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A clean cosy common area.


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Meeting new people and enjoying party are one of the best point of Easytrip Guesthouse!

There’s a Chimac(chicken and beer) party every Wednesday and Samgyeopsal(pork belly) party every Friday!

Make unforgettable memories in Easytrip Guesthouse.


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