[KOZAZA PICKS] Dancing Moon Private House & Music Salon @Jeju Island

[KOZAZA PICKS] Dancing Moon Private House & Music Salon @Jeju Island

There are so many things to do in Jeju Island… enjoy the beautiful nature, good food, meeting nice people and find your peaceful mind!

For making your Jeju Island trip much more meaningful, KOZAZA offers the greatest offer for our new accommodation in Jeju- Dancing Moon & Music Salon.


A real Jeju-style with stone wall, Dancing Moon and Music Salon is located in a quiet village ‘Slow Hill’ surrounded by tangerine farms and forest near Jungmun.

It only takes about 10 minutes away from Jungmun tourist zone and it will make your Jeju trip easier as well.


You will find everything you need in here.

The rooms in Dancing Moon are all private house alike so it’s very good for all type of group- family, couple traveller, friends.



Dancing Moon offers a free welcome drink, organic oatmeal for breakfast, tea, water and so on.

All you have to do is just enjoying it.


춤달7로고 춤달10로고

Enjoy listening music in Music Salon where is also used as guests’ common room.


To find a 20% discount offer of this cosy lovely place, click here.

Weekday Price: 85,000 ==20% off==> 68,000won

Weekend Price: 98,000 ==20%off==> 78,400won

Fee Free Coupon code: spring2016

We guarantee that you will be satisfied.


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