[360VR] Do Won Jeong Hanokstay – A great refresh for yourself

[360VR] Do Won Jeong Hanokstay – A great refresh for yourself

We happily present KOZAZA’s new accommodation in Bukchon Hanok Village!

Treat yourself good in this special house with KOZAZA.



If you are looking for some special exotic day in Seoul, Do Won Jeong Hanokstay in Bukchon Hanok Village is suitable for you.

You can play the Korean folk games and traditional experiences for free in Do Won Jeong.

Also, the free breakfast is provided.



Each room has the special mattresses that help you to take the deep and sound sleep.

Take off your tiredness from ordinary life and get a positive energy in Do Won Jeong Hanokstay.

There is enough space for the big group of people, so you can share your joyful moment with your loved one.



If you stay in Do Won Jeong Hanokstay, you can rent a Hanbok for free! (Usually, the price to rent Hanbok is between 15,000won to 30,000won)

Stay in Do Won Jeong Hanokstay and make your special day to even more special and memorable!


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Check 360VR of Do Won Jeong Hanokstay in Bukchon.

You can see even more vividly with VR Gear. [ Works perfectly on up to iPhone6 and Galaxy S6.]