[Kozaza Travel] ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Location Tour in Korea

[Kozaza Travel] ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Location Tour in Korea


A Korean television series ‘Descendants of the Sun’ is a huge popularity these days in and outside of Korea. So KOZAZA presents locations of Descendants of the Sun for whom looking for having Descendants of the Sun tour in Korea.



1. Jeongsun Samtan Art Mine, Gangwon-Do

Jeongsun Samtan Art Mine was a closed mine where was running between 1964 to 2001. It is selected as ‘100 Korea Trousim’ last year as the very first arts mine of Korea. As ‘Relief Activities in Earthquake’ scene of Descendants of the Sun was shooting in Jeongsun Samtan Art Mine, Jeongsun started to receive attention as well. Soon you will have a chance for Descendants of the Sun tour with Korail A-train.


It was also a location of Running Man on 2013 that Running Man members and T.O.P of Big Bang solved riddles in here!



2. Paju Camp Greaves, Gyeonggi-Do

Paju Camp Greaves was the one of the oldest US army base in Korea and became a base/lodge of Uruk in Descendants of the Sun. After the US army closed this camp, Gyeonggi-Do renovated this place for tourist and opened since 14th December 2013. It is located just 2km away from Paju DMZ(demilitarized zone) so make very exotic atmosphere too.



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