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1. I came from abroad

Make a reservation at once from your accommodation, quarantine taxi, healthy diet, and SIM chip! Complete self-quarantine from A to Z at once!

2. I was diagnosed with a close contact

Did you receive WeHome information from the public health center? From the yard to the balcony, you can book self-quarantine accommodations by region!

If you book a hotel now, you will receive self-quarantine food!

Get a coupon of up to 30,000 won for Baemin or food that can be eaten during quarantine.

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Find the accommodation that’s right for you

If you can’t find an accommodation that suits your taste, please tell WeHome Coordinator and we will recommend a suitable accommodation for your guests!

Safe quarantine taxi / healthy diet / sim card

Convenient one-stop service! Reserve only what you need

Korean government registered legal host

WeHome is the only legal shared accommodation platform in Korea that has received a legal special case for shared accommodation for Koreans in the government-regulated sandbox.

Reliable, safe and convenient

Only self-quarantine accommodations are carefully selected according to the guidelines of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are operated in organic cooperation with local governments and public health centers.

Corporate receipts can be processed

For convenient receipt processing of corporations, we issue electronic payment receipts for affiliates’ payment registration cards. Please make a request to the customer center after making a reservation.

WeHome is a legal platform that has been approved by the government’s regulatory sandbox exception-sharing accommodation business on 20.7.15. During the 14-day self-quarantine period, all self-quarantine subjects must comply with the [Self-Isolation Life Rules] according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Violation of these rules may result in a fine according to criminal prosecution.

It is illegal to operate and use self-quarantine accommodations on other platforms (Airbnb) in violation of the Tourism Act. Please be careful not to operate or use illegally.

Why is illegal accommodation a problem?

In the case of self-quarantine for long-term stay, there is a clear tendency to prefer housing instead of general accommodation. Many people are using illegal shared accommodation.

Illegal accommodation cannot be trusted in quality,

Safety cannot be guaranteed.

Also, you are not entitled to legal protection such as compensation for damages.

Notes on self-quarantine accommodation

1. When entering Korea Airport, please write the name of the accommodation you will be staying in.

You will be subject to self-quarantine management at the local public health center of the accommodation you will be staying in. It is possible that the Korean address is not the actual place of residence, and you can write down the address of the accommodation you will use during self-quarantine in detail.

2. Self-quarantine reservations can only be made with host approval.

For all WeHome accommodations, the final reservation can be confirmed only after the guest’s [reservation application] and the host’s [reservation approval]. (Reservation cannot be confirmed without host approval.) In order to accurately discuss self-quarantine reservations with the host, please share detailed information such as your entry date, time, number of people, and country of departure.

3. Before making a reservation, be sure to refer to the cancellation policy.

All reservations including self-quarantine accommodation are subject to cancellation and refund policy. Before making a reservation, be sure to check the details of cancellation and refund on the property page.
Check WeHome’s Cancellation Refund Policy

4. Self-quarantine for shared accommodation is only available on WeHome.

In WeHome, it is possible for Koreans to stay in the city center through the regulated ICT sandbox. If you use other platforms, you may be at a disadvantage after making an illegal accommodation reservation.

5. When using the dormitory, please follow the [Self-quarantine rules].

During the 14-day self-quarantine period, all self-quarantine subjects must comply with the [Self-Isolation Life Rules] according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Violation of these rules may result in a fine according to criminal prosecution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is it different from other platforms?

WeHome provides legal services starting from 20.07.14 with permission from the government ICT sandbox regulatory exception. Currently, only WeHome is a legal platform, and other platforms are not legally registered. Please use the legal accommodation to create the right shared accommodation market.

Q. Can I register my address as a self-quarantine dormitory in the documents to be submitted to the public health center at the airport?

yes it is possible All accommodations are legally registered with the government and local governments, so you can write your address for submission to the public health center.

Q. I can't find the accommodation I want.

If you tell us the check-in and check-out dates, the number of people, and the desired amount through chat, we will guide you through the recommended accommodation. Inquiries about accommodation facilities can be made through [Ask the Host], so if you have any questions, please feel free to inquire before making a reservation.

Q. Self-quarantine will be lifted at 12:00 noon, but check-out time is 11 o’clock according to hotel regulations.

Check-out for reservations for self-isolation purposes is applied based on the release of self-quarantine (12 noon), not the time set by the host. If you are denied check-out at noon, please contact the WeHome Customer Center.

*Check-out at 12:00 noon for self-quarantine reservations is mandatory for all hosts. (Refer to the quarantine rules of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Are you a host?

Register your accommodation as a self-isolation accommodation and welcome guests

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