[Exotic Cafe Recommendation] Chogajib Cafe @Jeonju Hanok Village

[Exotic Cafe Recommendation] Chogajib Cafe @Jeonju Hanok Village

In Jeonju Hanok Village, there’s an exotic cafe named Chogajib (초가집)

Chogajib means ‘thatched-roof house’ which is very rare to find in Korea these days.

But in Jeonju Hanok Village, you can find this thatched cottage as a cafe, and also for the real accommodation!

It might be one of the most exotic stay in Korean for you that we highly recommend!


chogajib 01

So, this cosy thatched house (Chogajib) is used as the cafe during the daytime.

You can have Korea traditional homemade tea in the cafe Chogajib.


chogajib 02

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden whilst having a cuppa tea.


chogajib 03

Stay in this exotic place would make your Jeonju travel more memorable.


chogajib 04

A really nice Korean traditional homemade tea.

We really hope you make the best memories in Jeonju.

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