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Wehome is legal and safe. Wehome is the  only legal Home Sharing of Korea with a special legal  license from the Korean Government’s Regulation Sandbox Policy . Wehome’s properties are all legally registered for the safety  and protection of guests.

You could stay a unique place  Only@Wehome, only available  and legal at Wehome through the license.

Wehome connects guests and hosts in trust with emphasizing on the safety, quality, and diversity.

As a local platform, we serve guests  and hosts with the best service in Korea.

You can save money with Wehome’s best price policy with economic service fee. 


Wehome is your second home in Korea comfortable and cozy as your own home. All properties are legally verified by the Korean government. In addition, wehome team visits every home to check for safety and legality. The hidden camera is also checked with  professional devices by expert crew.


You can find a unique place to stay. From a cozy room to a full house with great view and rooftop, there are variety of accommodations in wehome. Enjoy you local life  staying at wehome, your home in Korea with your preference in taste and mood.


Most of  wehome properties are  located near subway stations throughout the city.  You can experience 24 hour lifestyle in Korea with easy approach to lots of convenience stores, restaurants and pubs, and shopping centers. 

wehome's best price policy

Best Pricing for Money and Flexibility

You can save money with Wehome’s best pricing policy with economic service fee. Wehome’s guest service fee is 12% of accommodation fee including the tax. Wehome’s service fee policy is straight forward and clear. But, Airbnb’s service fee policy has multiple options and keeps changing over time charing high rate in case.  Airbnb’s minimum service fee is 14.2% of accommodation price. In many cases, you should pay additional 10% tax  on the top of the accommodation and the service fee. If the accommodation fee is $100, you should pay additional $25.6 plus $100. 

Airbnb doesn’t refund any service fee.  Wehome refunds the service fee for cancellation according to the cancellation policy set by the host. So, you can save your money and be flexible in rearranging the place to stay. 

Save your money with Wehome Best Pricing Policy with low accommodation and service fee.  

For more information, please refer to [ Best Pricing Policy of Wehome]

We are local

Best in Korea

Wehome serves you locally with the focus on Korea. 

 Wehome grows a trust community of guests and hosts.

With 10 years of experience in the home sharing and vacation rentals,
Wehome team hopes to the best service in Korea.

Wehome values for guests




Wehome is designated by the Korean Government

Wehome operates within the bounds of the law and offers a secure experience. As the only legally licensed Home Sharing Platform in Korea, we have received special permission from the government’s Regulatory Sandbox Policy. Our properties are meticulously registered to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests.


Your home in Korea

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